Attention & psychomotor speed

Adaptive Tracking Task (ATT)

The ATT measures visuomotor coordination and vigilance

Attention & psychomotor speed tasks

Task format

In this test, a small circle (target) will continuously move across the screen in a semi-randomised fashion, so as to minimise the participant’s ability to predict the trajectory of the target. The participant is instructed to follow the moving target with their finger upon the touch screen so that it is consistently within the centre of the moving target on the screen. During the test, the speed of the circle is adjusted in response to the subject’s ability to keep the dot in the circle, ensuring that the test is adapted to the individual subject’s performance.

Outcome measures

Outcome measures cover accuracy (Euclidean distance between finger and target) and difficulty speed adjustment.

Recommended use

We would recommend using this test to assess cognitive function in:
Please note this test is not currently available in CANTAB Connect ResearchTM.



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