22 February 2023

Age-Related Cognitive Changes in the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) Normative Sample

This poster was presented at the ISCTM Annual Scientific Meeting in February 2023.

Poster summary

Knowledge of the general populations’ performance of cognitive test scores, and how healthy aging may affect these scores, assists the interpretation of performances across disease cohorts and in clinical trials. Although general trends in performance on cognitive measures with age is well known, normative performance had not been established for the CANTAB ConnectTM tasks.

Study data was collected online using Cambridge Cognition’s web-based testing application, with participants selected using Prolific. Participants were over 18 years of age, fluent in English and with no significant head injury, no uncontrolled mental health condition and not diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Participants provided demographic information, then completed three CANTAB® tasks. Data was collected across three separate normative samples, with around 750 participants in each data collection block.

Performance was assessed in six cognitive domains. Scores on four domains (Episodic Memory, Emotion Recognition, Executive Functioning and Working Memory) showed a general decline in performance with age.

These results show that age-related change can be shown on CANTAB tasks, reflecting expected changes that have been shown with other neuropsychological tasks. This will help to support the interpretation of CANTAB cognitive performance across clinical populations.  

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Emily Thorp

Operational Scientist

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