4 August 2022

Agile development for cognitive task selection

This poster was presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Monday 1st August, 2022. Read below for a summary and to view the full poster.

Poster summary

Novel technologies create new opportunities to measure cognition. We applied the ‘Agile’ methodology used in software development to create a system of developing and evaluating new cognitive tasks. We focused on measuring episodic memory, as this is an important early marker of neurodegeneration. We devised 3 novel assessments: Visuo-Spatial Precision, Identity-Biographic and Generative Pairing. We recruited 133 participants, aged 18-68, to complete selected versions of the developed prototypes. We used an agile design process of continual improvement, flexible response to feedback and collaboration across individuals and conducted iterative evaluations of multiple versions of the 3 tasks. We also directly compared the tasks in terms of challenge, enjoyment and sensitivity to age. The spatial-precision task was the most sensitive to age differences as well as being the most enjoyable, and we therefore decided that this task is the best candidate for future development.

Agile development for cognitive task selection

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Alex Anwyl-Irvine

R&D Scientist

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