6 August 2021

Cambridge Cognition: COVID-19 Update

We would like to update you on the steps Cambridge Cognition is taking to ensure business continuity for all our customers as the widespread impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to affect so many globally.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone and the situation is continuing to develop. We continue to be concerned about the potential impact of the disease, particularly on those potentially at risk. In the current environment health and safety is paramount. We are monitoring and adhering to official guidance from the World Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control, relevant Governments and other appropriate sources. At the start of the pandemic, we reviewed and updated our already robust Business Continuity Plan.

Our services have been running and continue to run without interruption. Our Connect platform enables clinical test data to be collected and stored safely and all our systems are either cloud-based or support remote connection via secure and encrypted transmissions.

Since March 2020, most of our employees have been working successfully from home with just a few people in our offices covering services that cannot be done offsite. The offices have been risk assessed and prepared, and guidelines set out for employees on avoiding the transmission of disease. As of 2 August 2021, in line with UK Government guidance1, our UK office has reopened for those employees who wish to return, though with additional measures in place to ensure safety and wellbeing of staff.

Work-related travel has been limited to essential travel only. So far, there has been almost no travel by employees for work and that remains the case. We are assessing all requirements for travel on a case-by-case basis, following relevant government guidance, considering prevalence and with care for employee and other travellers’ health and safety wherever possible.

We are hopeful that the vaccination programmes will roll out quickly on a global basis and that they, together with other measures as may be required, contain the spread of the disease. We will maintain a close watch on the situation and continue to work with all our staff to ensure we maintain our high quality services, which includes supporting sales, consultancy, study management, device deployment and customer service. Our business continuity plans include system and resource contingency planning. As ever, our Customer Service team remain available to provide any further assistance to all our clients and collaborators.

We are committed to maintaining our business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring our teams deliver the highest quality service without disruption. Cambridge Cognition appreciates your continued support during these challenging times.

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