9 December 2021

Cambridge Cognition wins £1.0m schizophrenia clinical trial contract

Cambridge Cognition, which develops and markets digital solutions to assess brain health, is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract for an additional schizophrenia clinical trial worth £1.0m.

The revenue from this contract is expected over the next three years. Cambridge Cognition will provide proprietary cognitive assessments (CANTABTM) and specialist, study management services. This contract is a repeat purchase from an existing client that has contracted for several other clinical trials for schizophrenia.

Cognitive impairment is a core feature of schizophrenia, with deficits frequently observed in memory, attention and executive functions. Cambridge Cognition has secured these contracts on the strength of the Company’s reputation for quality service and its cognitive assessments (CANTABTM) capable of measuring the distinct cognitive processes compromised in schizophrenia.

Matthew Stork, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Cognition, said:

“We are delighted to have formed an enduring partnership with this pharmaceutical company that recognises the potential for our sensitive cognitive assessments to be used in pivotal clinical trials. This continues to be an exciting area for potential further growth for the Company in the future.”

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