Executive function

Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT)

The Cambridge Gambling Task has been developed to assess decision making and risk taking behaviour outside a learning context.

Executive function tasks

Task format

The participant is presented with a row of ten boxes across the top of the screen: some are red and some are blue. The ratio of red and blue boxes will vary between stages but there will always be one box that contains a yellow token. Participants must use the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ buttons at the bottom of the screen to choose the box colour in which they think the token is hidden. 

In the assessed stages, participants start with 100 points and select a proportion of these points to bet on their decision. A circle in the centre of the screen displays the current bet value, which will either incrementally increase or decrease (depending on the task variant selected). Participants press this button when it shows the proportion of their score they would like to bet. These points will either be added or taken away to their total score, depending on their decision and where the token is actually hidden. 

CANTAB® cognitive assessments

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Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT)

Outcome measures

Outcome measures include measurements of risk taking, quality of decision-making, decision time, risk adjustment, delay aversion and impulsivity.

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