CANTAB Recruit: A quicker, more cost-effective way of finding the right patients for clinical trials

Key achievements

  • Using the online CANTAB Recruit assessment our customer screened out over 85% of their participants who would be ineligible for their Alzheimer’s trial, saving time and money.
  • High compliance rates of 90% were seen when screening an aging population taking assessments unaccompanied in their own home.
  • Recruit was deployed in a variety of ways to support the customer’s objectives.
  • Recruit was scaled up from 100 assessments at a single site to over 36,000 assessments at multiple international sites.

The challenge:

For businesses trying to recruit patients into clinical trials, finding eligible participants is both time consuming and expensive. On average patient recruitment accounts for 32% of clinical trial costs and is the leading cause for delays in trial completion.1

Our customer was finding identifying participants with early stage Alzheimer’s for their global clinical trial very slow and costly, with thousands of participants having to undergo expensive and invasive on-site screening.


We provided our customer with CANTAB Recruit software configured to their exact study needs with algorithms to compare participant performance with inclusion criteria instantly. This enabled them to screen patients sensitively online using CANTAB Cognitive tests and questionnaires in their own home.

CANTAB Recruit would benefit any company struggling to find the right participants for their clinical trials in the early prodromal stages of CNS disorders.


CANTAB Recruit helped our customer ensure their cognitive inclusion criteria was met without having to test them on-site by screening out over 85% of participant’s ineligible for their Alzheimer’s trial saving significant time and cost.

During the study Recruit was delivered directly to participants through a website, call centres, at site and during community screening sessions at health events maximising the number potential participants. The customer firstly ran a pilot of 100 assessments at a single site. Seeing the results this delivered, CANTAB Recruit was rolled out globally to screen over 36,000 participants.


1 Patient Recruitment and Clinical Vendor Fees Top Clinical Trial Cost Drivers, Cutting Edge Info

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