management & reporting

Proactively ensuring data integrity, supporting data-driven decision making and statistical consultancy to optimise your trial results.

Providing you with the confidence that your data is proactively monitored to ensure data integrity, and in-house statistical consultancy.

We understand that high quality data capture is central to the reliability of your trial outcomes. Our data management processes, reporting support and in-house statistical support have been developed to get the most from your research outcomes from first patient, first visit.

Data monitoring

Prior to initiating your trial, our data specialists review your protocols and requirements to develop the data strategy, processes and standards that will enable proactive data management, identification of potential concerns, mitigating risks and providing efficient rectification.

  • Key data issues are quickly identified and resolved in a timely manner
  • Collaboration with raters and sites for enhanced efficiencies
  • Strategies to prevent missing data

How we do it

Once your data monitoring plan has been agreed, your trial outcomes are consistently monitored. Where potential issues or errors are identified, our team will intervene to ensure data integrity.
  • Our Query Management System automatically identifies completion status, including missed, duplicated and incomplete visits
  • Data validation including queries and pre-approved data corrections
  • Site and rater workflows enables continuous feedback in near real-time
  • Regular adherence monitoring and compliance reporting

Reporting and decision support

We recognise accessibility and interpretation of your data is integral to determining your next steps. Our range of reports can facilitate decision making during safety reviews, qualification phase evaluation and remote visit compliance monitoring.

Streamline your study with our range of reporting services, including templated graphical reports and logic-based data-driven decision making.

Graphical report

Compliance report

Via the Connect platform, your data is available to you at any time via secure data transfer in your preferred format.

Statistical consultancy

Maximise your investment with our in-house experts and consultants, specialising in neurosciences, therapeutic areas, data science and the CANTAB® endpoints. Our industry experience extends your capabilities to interpret your data.

Throughout your trial, our team are available to you to draw from their experience, knowledge and expertise.

From the preparation of your statistical analysis plan and the selection of the most appropriate statistical techniques, to its application to cognitive endpoints and interpreting the results, we enable you to deliver the supportive evidence of therapeutic response.

Development and review of statistical analysis plans

Statistical analysis and delivery of tables, figures and listings

Interpretive report

Data security

As an ISO 27001 compliant organisation, data protection and privacy is a priority at all times. Both HIPAA and GDPR compliant, our data transmission is secured using financial and healthcare industry standard techniques for encryption.

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