Delayed Matching to Sample (DMS)

Delayed Matching to Sample assesses both simultaneous visual matching ability and short-term visual recognition memory, for non-verbalisable patterns.

Memory tasks

Task format

The participant is shown a complex visual pattern, that is both abstract and non-verbal (the sample), followed by four similar patterns, after a brief delay. The participant must select the pattern which exactly matches the sample. In some trials the sample and the choice patterns are shown simultaneously, in others there is a delay (of 0, 4 or 12 seconds) before the four choices appear.

CANTAB® cognitive assessments

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Delayed Matching to Sample (DMS)

Outcome measures

Outcome measures include latency (the participant’s speed of response), the number of correct patterns selected and a statistical measure giving the probability of an error after a correct or incorrect response.

Recommended use

We would recommend using this test to assess cognitive function in:

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