CANTAB Connect Research™

Departmental licences

Extend the benefits of CANTAB Connect Research to your colleagues

With the complexities of multiple research projects, our departmental licences enable you to purchase assessments to use across your studies with significant cost savings.

Broaden capability of research groups

Increase grant funded research outcomes

Develop collaborations within your institution

Enhancing student learning

CANTAB® digital cognitive assessments have been extensively validated and proven to deliver reliable and accurate results for both academic research and clinical studies. Our departmental licences facilitate education opportunities for both undergraduate and post-graduates, giving first-hand experience for a future in academia or industry.

Training and support

To help you get the most from your software, we offer optional training sessions tailored to your departmental needs,  delivered by our dedicated support team.

Once you’re up and running, we offer the same comprehensive support to departmental license users as our CANTAB Connect Research customers. 

“I was impressed that I could create accounts for each project and tailor everything to that person’s needs; whether it was research for dissertations or short tasks for marketing events.”

Speak to one of our experts today to find out how a departmental CANTAB Connect Research licence can support your team

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