Digital cognitive assessments for healthcare

Enabling early identification of impaired cognitive health and memory to improve quality of life, cognitive performance, and disease management.

Specifically developed to provide rapid and sensitive memory assessments in primary and secondary care settings, and wellbeing assessments for the workplace, our technologies support clinicians in better measurements of cognitive health and operate more efficiently to enhance treatment response, support positive patient outcomes and save costs.

Benefits of CANTAB® in healthcare

Fast set up and

Clinician-free task administration

Rapid easy-to-
interpret reports

Language-independent with simple voice over instructions

Quick and easy to use assessments

Strong encryption for patient and employee confidentiality

CANTAB® Mobile for timely detection of memory impairment

Touchscreen assessment of memory, mood and functional status to detect the earliest signs of clinically relevant memory problems in primary care settings.

Average completion time: 10 minutes

CANTAB® Insight to assess cognitive health

Designed to support differential diagnosis during secondary care and to help inform the diagnostic process and care planning.

Average completion time: 20-30 minutes

CANTAB BrainHealth for assessing workplace wellbeing

Clinically validated mental health scales to measure employee wellbeing, facilitating experienced health professionals to provide actionable next steps, advice and guidance

Average completion time: 25 minutes

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