11 January 2023

Digital Health: Optimizing Clinical Trials with Patient-Centric Technology

Our expert speakers will navigate you through the new field of digital health in psychiatry, to conclude which technologies look to be most promising for optimizing clinical trials, and how to successfully operationalize these digital solutions.

Key discussion points

  • How digital health can streamline clinical trial workflow and enrich overall trial quality
  • Overcoming the key challenges, and maximising the benefits of measuring cognition remotely with mobile digital health apps
  • Optimizing the use of active and passive digital cognitive biomarkers in clinical trials to conduct patient-centered virtual research
  • Leveraging the latest advances in biological sensory technology for remote devices to conduct high-frequency, naturalistic assessments at scale

Watch the webinar 

Nathan Cashdollar, PhD, Director of Digital Neuroscience, Cambridge Cognition

With over a decade of experience in both academic and clinical research, Nathan is an expert in the development of scientifically valid and clinically sensitive digital solutions for measuring cognitive performance in healthcare and clinical trial research environments. In his current role at Cambridge Cognition, Nathan provides comprehensive scientific consultancy and potentiates the development of digital innovations for clinical trial experimentation in order to optimize outcomes.

Marie McCarthy, MBA, Senior Director of Product Innovation, ICON PLC

Within the multidisciplinary Innovation Team at ICON PLC, Marie is responsible for developing solutions in the direct-to-patient paradigm. Here the primary focus is on the use of wearables and sensors to collect clinically sensitive endpoints in non-clinical settings, such as the patient home. In her previous role at Philips Respironics, Marie built awareness of the value of Actigraphy endpoints as objective measures of clinical change among clinicians and researchers.

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