Electronic questionnaires and scales (eCOA)

Digital bespoke questionnaires and universally
recognised clinical scales

Our eCOA tools helps you to collect valid data within tight deadlines, with the support of our expert teams who configure your electronic questionnaires and scales to your specification, support study set up, data management and handling clinical scales licenses, enabling you to deliver your study faster.

Fast and reliable study set up

Wide range of questionnaires and scales

Configurable outcome measures

24/7 clinical support and issue resolution

A unified platform for your study

Capture the high-quality neurocognitive data you need for your study quickly and efficiently using a single platform. Available in multiple languages and across multiple devices, our eCOA solution enables you to collect valid data across all your sites with patients from different countries, as well as self-administration to support decentralised trial without rater presence.

All responses are collected electronically, scored in near real-time, then uploaded to a secure database, giving you immediate access to your data.

Online and offline capability for electronic data capture and instant scoring

Automated and standardised administration

Full audit trail and regulatory compliance

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solutions can support your study

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