Emotion & social cognition

Emotional Bias Task (EBT)

The Emotional Bias Task detects perceptual bias in facial emotion perception.

Emotion & social cognition tasks

Task format

Participants view images of faces that are morphed between two emotions of varied intensities. The variants cover continuums from happy to sad, happy to angry or happy to disgusted. Each face is displayed for 150ms, followed by a two-alternative forced choice where they must select one of the two emotions.

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Emotional Bias Task (EBT)

Outcome measures

The key outcome measure for the EBT is the bias point – the proportion of trials selected as happy compared to the alternative emotion, adjusted to a scale of 0 to 15. This is used to determine the extent and direction of the participant’s bias. Additionally, latency measures and measures of how many times each emotion was selected are also available.

Recommended use

We would recommend using this test to assess cognitive function in:

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