High frequency testing

Detecting fluctuations in brain health with short tasks over regular timepoints

Tracking brain health for decentralised and real-world studies

Designed to measure cognition using participants’ own devices, our high frequency testing solution facilitates ecological validity and real-world insights. Capturing a more realistic picture of cognition by taking measurements on a regular basis to detect changes over time and day-to-day.

Cognitive performance data is collected over several timepoints using short cognitive tasks that take no longer than four minutes, delivered on mobile phones and other smart devices.

Short tasks

Delivered at high
frequency for enhanced
detection of fluctuations

Mobile friendly

Improved accessibility for
participants to support
real-world evidence

Patient-led testing

Completed without
supervision for more
efficient and cost-effective
data collection

Empowering patients with independent testing

Ideal for remote and decentralised trials, participants from a large geographical area can be virtually assessed, completing tasks without the need for researcher and clinician administration.

Clear on-screen instructions and voice over guidance

Automated assistance and troubleshooting

Accurately assessing cognitive function at high frequency

Give your participants the freedom to complete tasks in a comfortable environment without detriment to your research objectives. Our tasks enable you to assess cognitive function, physiological data and patient-reported outcomes on the patient’s own device.

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