31 May 2023

Monitoring fluctuations in psychiatric symptoms though analysis of speech

Several psychiatric disorders including major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are accompanied by changes in vocal patterns and use of language. These disorders are also characterized by fluctuations in symptomatology that are not well captured using standard clinical assessments. More fine grain monitoring of symptoms could be very valuable in early identification of relapse and improve clinical care in these conditions. In this webinar, we discuss how psychiatric symptoms map to speech pattern changes and how this may be leveraged in research and clinical settings.  


Bill Simpson, Head of Partnerships at Winterlight Labs (Moderator) 

Michael Spilka, Scientist Psychiatry at Winterlight Labs 

Sunny Tang, Researcher and Physician at Northwell Health  

Michael Birnbaum, Researcher and Physician at Northwell Health  

Watch the full recording:

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