Paired Associates Learning (PAL)

Paired Associates Learning assesses visual memory and new learning.

Memory tasks

Task format

Boxes are displayed on the screen and are “opened” in a randomised order. One or more of them will contain a pattern. The patterns are then displayed in the middle of the screen, one at a time and the participant must select the box in which the pattern was originally located. If the participant makes an error, the boxes are opened in sequence again to remind the participant of the locations of the patterns. Increased difficulty levels can be used to test high-functioning, healthy individuals.


Task Delivery

Classic PAL can be deployed on a desktop or tablet.

PAL on a mobile phone allows sponsors to include it in remote or decentralised trials meaning they can use it in real world evidence studies, remote screening /recruitment assessments or longitudinal studies. 

Our validation across both iOS and Android allows sponsors to take advantage of the improved accessibility for participants and cost savings from BYOD (Bring your own device).

Adapting Paired Associates Learning (PAL) for mobile.

Outcome measures

Outcome measures include the errors made by the participant, the number of trials required to locate the pattern(s) correctly, memory scores and stages completed.  

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