28 September 2021

Part 1: Your customer journey – Getting to know your research

In part one of our four-part series on the journey our academic customers go through while working with Cambridge Cognition – we focus on our sales team and the work they put in to ensure that we truly understand your research needs.

The importance of our Academic researchers

We know how important it is for researchers to use the gold standard of cognitive assessments, and we aim to match this high standard when providing support and guidance throughout the pre-sales process.

Our Academic sales team is here to help you.

Meet the Team

Conducting high-impact cognitive research can be challenging and complex – That’s why our team of product specialists work in collaboration with you from the moment you make your first enquiry, all the way through to the launch of your study.

The Academic Sales team’s wide range of industry knowledge, supported by resources such as the CANTAB Bibliography (containing thousands of peer-reviewed cognitive research abstracts) and our blog, hosting exclusive content from experts in cognitive research, means that we can ensure that we’ll find the right solution for you.

Our Academic sales team have multiple years of experience supporting our academic researchers and providing them the best possible CANTAB solution for their specific needs and requirements – supported by our intuitive and comprehensive user guides and manuals – our team will be here to support you every step of the way.

Here’s your chance to meet the team you’ll be working with:

Emma Dominic – Academic Sales Manager

Emma studied a BSc in Psychology at Anglia Ruskin from 2013-2016, and then later joined Cambridge Cognition in 2017 as a Product Specialist. Developing along with the company, she’s now a dedicated Sales Manager for the regions: USA, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Emma has a passion for understanding your study design and research aims in detail, and will only recommend appropriate tests products and services if they are entirely necessary to your work. Emma has wealth of experience discussing a range of disease areas and study design types. She’s proud to deliver the CANTAB and is more than happy to offer free demonstrations via a conference call to walk you through our software’s features and functionalities. Emma will work with you to ensure you get the most out of the CANTAB and can be confident with the value of the data you’ll generate.

Ross Anyibofu – Academic Sales Manager

Ross studied a BSc in Biomedical Science at Anglia Ruskin from 2010-2013 and has industry experience in customer service and sales. He joined Cambridge Cognition in March 2021 as the Academic Sales Manager for the UK & Europe and has excelled in the role since joining the company.

Ross shows his enthusiasm for engaging with customers and providing excellent customer service by ensuring that our customer’s needs are met from the first time you engage with him, all the way up until you’ve purchased your bespoke CANTAB Battery. After learning from Emma in his first few months at Cambridge Cognition, he’s readily available to discuss your study and walk you through CANTAB’s features and functionality. 

What we need from you

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of service, Emma and Ross have put together some information on what they’ll need to know when you make an enquiry.

Essential information:

  • Is this study academically or commercially funded?
  • Are you planning to submit the results of your study to any regulatory bodies?
  • How many participants will be involved in your research?
  • How many visits/time points will these participants require?

Additional supporting information:

  • What disease area is of interest to your research?
  • When do you plan to start your study?
  • Are there any specific CANTAB Tasks that are of interest to you?
  • What is the age range of your participants?
  • What languages will be required for you study?
  • Will your study ideally be conducted remotely or in person?
  • Do you have any questionnaires you would like us to digitalise?
  • Do you intend to compare this data with previous papers from our legacy product?

Providing our team with this information allows us to make sure that we know the ins and outs of your study, to ensure that we provide you with the best quality service possible.

Ensuring our solutions are right for your research 

CANTAB Research products support thousands of research studies and academic collaborations globally.

Investigators use our technologies to improve the ease and validity of cognitive assessment in more than 140 different indications, resulting in over 2,500 peer reviewed publications and over 100,000 citations – more than any other research software.

We strive to understand exactly how our products can help meet your study needs and want to ensure that you select the products that will best facilitate your study.

CANTAB Connect Research

CANTAB Connect Research is the world’s most validated, precise and reliable research software providing sensitive digital measures of cognitive function for all areas of brain research. Delivering leading neuroscience through our secure cloud platform, CANTAB Connect Research is an efficient and easy-to-use system providing insights into behaviours, underlying brain circuits and neurochemical systems and measurement of digital cognitive biomarkers.

Run virtual research studies with web-based testing

CANTAB Connect Research can be used to assess key cognitive domains via online assessments. By removing the need for participants to travel for their assessment(s), sensitive, specific and valuable cognitive measures can be captured from participant populations on a global scale with ease.

Get faster results by administering questionnaires and scales alongside CANTAB cognitive assessments

You can use the Connect platform to administer CANTAB tasks together with questionnaires and scales. Scientifically validated or study-specific questionnaires and scales can be used to enhance cognitive assessment data, allowing you to collect additional information about your subjects. By administering these electronically via the Connect platform, you can access your data in real-time and provide a seamless experience for your participants.

Interested in having a conversation with Emma or Ross? Get in contact and discover what makes CANTAB the gold standard in digital cognitive assessment and data collection.

In part two of our four-part series on the journey our academic customers go through, we’ll be getting to know our Operational Science team and looking at how they can help to support and shape your Research.

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