Patient experience

Enhancing engagement and adherence for improved outcome, at home and in-clinic

Tracking cognitive health for decentralised and real-world studies

Creating engaging user experiences to deliver validated outcomes assessments on technologies that your participants are familiar with and enjoy using for higher engagement better quality data.

Increase compliance, patient satisfaction and support engagement through our feature-rich platform, patient-friendly website and dashboard with pre-screening, referral management and campaign analytics built-in to maximise patient recruitment and retention.

Recruitment and consent

Accurate and reliable screening data

Enrich and accelerate recruitment using cost-effective digital technologies to engage our pre-screen participants, providing accurate and reliable screening data, valuable insights.

Assessing cognition with voice, touchscreen and web-based testing

Supporting a wide range of assessments using voice and touch-screen assessments, enabling cognition to be assessed using a variety of screening tools based on the needs of the trial endpoint. Our self-administered assessments can be conducted remotely, reducing the need for on-site visits.

Visibility and access to your trial data

The real-time recruiting dashboard provides instant access to patient data, allowing sponsors to make informed decisions and reduce trial failure risk. Our large patient registry tracks changes in cognitive function over time, providing valuable patient insights.

Patient engagement

Facilitating interaction between patient and site, including automated workflow management to reduce site burden, keeping patients informed of treatment and visit schedules and supporting patient rewards schemes.

Personalised dashboards

A single location for schemes, reminders and task completion, patients have clear visibility of their progress.


Our platform enables customisable engagement options to address patient groups, driving engagement with a point-based system for activities to reward behaviours, as well as renumeration support.


Keep patients and clinicians informed with email, SMS and push notifications, including reminders for defined events, task reminders and upcoming visits.

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