Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM)

Pattern Recognition Memory is a test of visual pattern recognition memory in a 2-choice forced discrimination paradigm.

Memory tasks

Task format

The participant is presented with a series of visual patterns, one at a time, in the centre of the screen. These patterns are designed so that they cannot easily be given verbal labels. In the recognition phase, the participant is required to choose between a pattern they have already seen and a novel pattern. In this phase, the test patterns are presented in the reverse order to the original order of presentation. This is then repeated, with new patterns. The second recognition phase is administered after a delay period, typically 10-20 minutes.

CANTAB® cognitive assessments

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Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM)

Outcome measures

Outcome measures include the number and percentage of correct trials and latency (speed of participant’s response).

Recommended use

We would recommend using this test to assess cognitive function in:

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