11 January 2023

Remote Cognitive Testing and Lessons Learned During Lockdown

Traditionally, scientists assess cognition with thorough, but infrequent, testing sessions in a tightly controlled laboratory environment. In efforts to curb Covid-19 transmission rates, most researchers have postponed this form of face-to-face assessment. Between the longevity of this pandemic-driven lockdown, and the significant risk of a second wave, there is now rising interest in adopting remote forms of assessment. But can web-based testing offer the same results as laboratory assessments?

By viewing this webinar you will learn:

  • Which outcome measures are most comparable across test settings: unsupervised web-based and in-person cognitive assessments
  • Lessons learned conducting guided web-based assessments during lockdown: what works, what doesn’t and what to watch out for
  • Preliminary findings on the equivalence of in-person and guided remote assessments of cognitive flexibility, memory and inhibition: is it feasible to switch mid-study?

Watch the full webinar recording:  

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