11 January 2023

Schizophrenia Trials: Overcoming Methodological Challenges to Enhance Study Success

This webinar was arranged to discuss the major unmet therapeutic need in schizophrenia: cognitive impairment.

Despite best efforts, no drugs that have been approved for the amelioration of cognitive deficits in schizophrenia: are ineffective compounds or trial designs to blame?

Join Dr Kiri Granger and Dr Steve Brannan to discuss the methodological challenges faced by pro-cognitive drug trials, and how we might overcome them.

Key discussion points

  • Key issues for cognition in CIAS clinical trials
  • Methodological challenges and improvements for patient recruitment and in-trial retention
  • Issues and considerations with the selection of endpoint measures
  • Minimising the risk of practice and placebo effects
  • Lessons learned from successes and failures to date

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About our speakers

Dr Kiri Granger, Director of Neuroscience, Cambridge Cognition

  • Dr Kiri leads a team of clinical scientists in providing end-to-end scientific consultancy and support to drug development companies for the optimisation of clinical trial design and the development of safe and effective treatments.
  • Specialising in schizophrenia and anxiety disorders, Kiri’s passion is to better understand the origins of symptom expression and optimizing the design of novel pharmacological and behavioural treatments.
  • Her PhD research explored and refined cognitive endophenotypic markers of schizophrenia and anxiety at the University of Nottingham where she now holds an honorary position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology.

Dr Steve Brannan, Chief Medical Officer, Karuna Pharmaceuticals Inc

  • Dr. Brannan is a neuroscience drug development expert who has held senior positions overseeing both clinical development and medical affairs with more than 15 years of industry experience. 
  • He has been active in the development of multiple important central nervous system treatments including Cymbalta, Exelon Patch, Trintellix, and VNS for treatment-resistant depression.
  • Stephen has spent time developing procognitive products (and discussing them with regulatory agencies) in his most recent positions at Takeda and Forum Pharmaceuticals.

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