11 January 2023

Speech analytics and natural language processing for automation of quality assurance in clinical trials

In CNS clinical trials the gold standard primary outcome measures are often clinician rated instruments. While these assessments are capable of capturing changes in disease they can easily be confounded by gaps in rater training or knowledge and errors in administration. To combat this, manual review by experts is often deployed within a trial. This can be costly and does not allow for all assessments to be evaluated. During this webinar, we highlight the potential for automated speech analysis to identify these inconsistencies and scale the review process.


Bill Simpson, Head of Partnerships at Winterlight Labs (Moderator)

Celia Fidalgo, Head of Product at Winterlight Labs

Barb Enger, Clinical Trial Consultant at AVP Clinical and Signant Health

John Harrison, CSO at Scottish Brain Sciences

Watch the full recording

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