A digitised version of the SAPASI instrument, allowing researchers to monitor and record moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in clinical trial patients

Leveraging Wake Forest’s validated diagnostic tool, the Self-administered Psoriasis Area Severity Index (SAPASI) ePRO prompts patients using the standard Clinpal app on their bring-your-own devices, at protocol-specified time intervals, to manually mark where their psoriasis is on a digital body map and answer several prompts pertaining to the severity of the psoriasis lesions.

This data is then automatically scored and saved into the research database allowing researchers to use and monitor the effectiveness of the treatment. Results

  • Patients filling in PSI and SAPASI ePRO instruments over a period of 12 months at regular intervals, with reminders to improve compliance
  • SAPASI uses a body-map, patients shade the area where they have psoriasis, scoring is calculated automatically
  • BYOD devices with standard Clinpal app: no custom app development required

Additional reading and sources

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