CANTAB Connect Research™

Technology & study delivery for academic research

Validated, precise and reliable cognitive assessment technology, providing insights into behaviours, underlying brain circuits and measurement of digital cognitive biomarkers.

Quick and easy to setup, our research solution is trusted by over 800 world leading universities and institutions to deliver accurate and
consistent cognitive assessments via our proprietary platform, CANTAB Connect Research.

Suitable for translational

Delivered via iPad or
web browser

Suitable for use in a
range of populations

Automated test

Real-time access to high-quality data

Cost and time efficient

Study design

CANTAB Connect Research is designed to help you get the most from your research. Our team of experts work with you to deliver a battery of CANTAB® assessments that will support your study goals and objectives.

CANTAB® touchscreen
cognitive assessments

  • With high sensitivity and automated test delivery, our cognitive tasks enable the collection of consistently high quality data
  • Standardised and culturally independent with automated voiceover instructions in over 50 languages
  • Multiple task variants allow testing to be adjusted for all ages and abilities
  • Our assessments have been used in over 3,000 peer-reviewed papers across 250+ indications

Electronic questionnaires
& scales

Streamline your study and deliver electronic questionnaires and scales through CANTAB Connect Research.

Our experienced teams will work with you to deliver both established and bespoke questionnaires and scales, with outcome measures configured to your research requirements.

Normative data

Normative data is available for selected tests, test variants and outcome measures. Please note that normative data should not be used to replace a control group.

Study delivery

Our cloud-based platform is accessible via web-browser, allowing for rapid study setup and access to data in real-time.

In-person testing

For in-person or supervised assessments, subjects complete the tasks using iPads. We can supply iPads, or these can be sourced locally.

Web-based testing

Enabling study subjects to undertake assessments remotely, removing the need for costly travel and providing a better user experience. Web-based testing permits subjects to complete the tasks remotely on several different devices, including iPads, Apple Macs and Windows computers.

Data security and quality

We know that data protection and privacy is a priority, not just for researchers but also for subjects. CANTAB Connect Research is ISO 27001 compliant, giving you the confidence that your data is protected at all times.

CANTAB Connect Research for your department

To support institutions running multiple projects, we offer tailored departmental licences to help you and your colleagues to get the most from our products and services.

Talk to us about your study

If you would like to find out more about how CANTAB Connect Research can help you achieve your study objectives, complete the form below and one of our experts will be in touch.

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