Our technologies

From in-clinic to at-home, via a tablet or web-based, using a touchscreen or analysing voice, there are a wide range of ways to deliver our leading cognitive assessments.

Trusted by researchers and organisations across the world, our highly-sensitive tasks are precise and scientifically validated.


Deliver standardised scales or bespoke questionnaires digitally, configured to your requirements, supported by our expertise.

NeuroVocalix®    Winterlight

Bring another dimension to your research – identify cognitive changes using voice, with up to 98% accuracy and natural language usage.

Cognition Kit

Detect changes over time and day-to-day cognition with short regular tests using patients’ own devices.

Delivering a patient centric, clinician focused, and sponsor efficient experience.

Technology to accurately assess cognition.
Anytime, anywhere

 A wide range of ways to deliver our leading <br>cognitive assessments.

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