Voice analysis

Establish a fuller understanding of patient functioning at both an individual and group level with verbal tasks

Enhancing your study with voice biomarkers

Changes in the brain and nervous system can have dramatic effects on speech and language, making voice biomarkers an important tool for monitoring neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Using voice biomarkers brings an additional layer of understanding to cognitive assessments by accounting for both content (what is said) and acoustic properties (how it is said). This creates a fuller understanding of patient functioning at both an individual and group level.

Analysing voice to assess neurological change

Verbal tasks assess cognitive domains that cannot be examined by visual tasks alone, adding more signal to accurately capture disease-related change.

Automated speech
recognition (ASR)

Real time, automated scoring for immediate feedback. Adaptive tasks help to provide richer data while improving the user experience.

Up to 98%

Scientifically validated, our verbal tasks are short and automated for a comfortable user experience while maintaining a high scoring accuracy.

Natural language usage

Open-ended conversational tasks and measures characterise both acoustic and linguistic changes such as word finding difficulty, coherence, and language fluency.

Unrivalled expertise in voice-based cognitive assessments from Cambridge Cognition and Winterlight Labs

Our voice analysis platform can be used alongside tasks in our CANTAB® cognitive assessment battery and our Clinpal decentralised clinical trials solution to cover end-to-end study needs while providing deep and diverse data, available across a range of devices, including web-based browsers, tablets and smartphones.

Highly scalable

Faster administration

Improved user experience

Measuring a full range of cognitive abilities, our voice assessments are highly sensitive, enabling you to identify changes faster.

Associative and episodic memory | Language | Motor function
Verbal learning | Short term & working memory

Manual and ASR transcription are available for gold standard, or real-time analysis respectively.

Voice in action

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