11 January 2023

Wearable Technology for High-Frequency Cognitive and Mood Assessments in Depression

Despite the obvious advantages of conducting thorough assessments in highly controlled laboratory environments, the associated resource burden means that such lengthy assessments are out of the question for daily testing.

The widespread adoption of smartphones and wearables makes monitoring symptoms in real time a credible option using brief measures designed for these devices – but is this acceptable and feasible for patients?

In a Takeda Pharmaceuticals sponsored study, a team of scientists from Cambridge Cognition, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and CTRL Group conducted a six-week investigational study into the acceptability, feasibility and validity of asking patients with major depressive disorder to undertake daily assessments on a wearable device.

In this webinar, scientists on the project will delve into the research findings and share:

  • Lessons learned using digital devices to deliver near-patient assessments
  • Patient adherence and compliance with undertaking daily assessments on a wearable device
  • Correspondence between brief assessments and validated, full-length measures

Watch the full webinar recording: 

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