The end-to-end platform for CNS clinical trials

As a leader in cognitive assessment technology for drug development, we have over 30 years’ experience enabling pharmaceutical companies to take new therapeutics from preclinical consultancy to pivotal studies and approval. Our platform supports sponsors to improve recruitment, develop safe and effective treatments, and enhance R&D efficiency.

We work with you from the beginning to understand your study objectives and to develop a study protocol that is optimised for success. Our team of experienced neuroscientists and project managers support you through the lifecycle of your study from data collection to analysis to maximise the validity of outcomes.

Dedicated support team to guide sponsors and sites throughout your clinical study

Quality management system that meets the needs of regulatory submissions

Recognised operational excellence, with 100% customers recommending us

Supporting your clinical study from inception to completion

Trial design

Patient engagement

Study success & support

Data management reporting

Our technologies

Designed to improve measurement accuracy, reduce patient and site burden, our suite of technologies facilitates in-clinic, at-home and decentralised clinical trials.

Touchscreen assessments

Highly sensitive and scientifically validated digital cognitive assessments, delivered on iPad and web browser.

Electronic questionnaires & scales

Fast and reliable setup for the collection of high-quality neurocognitive data in a single data capture system.

Voice analysis

Adaptive, automated speech assessment providing accurate and real-time scoring for cognitive performance.

High frequency testing

Short cognitive tasks delivered on mobile devices to improve participant engagement and retention for successful trial outcomes.

Decentralised clinical trials

Connecting patients, sponsors and sites around the world, our end-to-end DCT platform reduces site burden and streamlines the process for study participants. The first of its kind modular system supports every stage of trial delivery: from recruitment through to electronic informed consent, data collection and archiving.

Ratings quality assurance

Rapid, cost-effective scale review  to ensure high quality data and your trial’s best chance at success.

Therapeutic expertise

Since CANTAB® was first developed, our digital cognitive assessments have been validated in over 3,000 publications in more than 250 indications. Take a closer look at some of the therapeutic areas that have benefitted from our expertise.


Alzheimer's Disease


Multiple Sclerosis


Trusted by the world’s top organisations

Our clients include the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, specialist contract research organisations, leading academic research institutions and international healthcare providers.


100+ countries where our technologies have been remotely deployed


patients assessed on our digital health tools


95% engagement from patients using our technology in trials

Sample of recent publications

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