13 August 2019

Why does the largest twins registry in the UK use CANTAB?

Can you tell us more about TwinsUK?

With over 14,724 participants, we are the largest twin registry in the UK for the study of ageing related conditions. The longitudinal nature of TwinsUK makes it an ideal cohort with which to study the process of ageing. Our ageing research includes normal brain ageing and investigating the genetic and environmental determinants of cognitive decline.

Why did TwinsUK choose CANTAB to assess the cohort?

We have been obtaining Paired Associates Learning (PAL) data from our twin cohort as part of their clinical visits for the last 10 years. We chose CANTAB to assess cognitive function and specifically the PAL test mode as it reliably assesses visual memory and new learning.

We recently started a new initiative collecting data from our frail elderly twins, which involves home assessments using the web-based platform CANTAB Connect. This platform allows our participants to complete PAL online, from home, with a research assistant over the phone. There are clear on-screen and voice-over instructions so it’s very easy to carry out as a virtual visit. We are pleased to say that the pilot has been successful and we envisage switching over our entire twin cohort to this web-based platform.

What has been your experience of the team?

The training sessions from Cambridge Cognition were thorough and included a comprehensive 1.5 hour video conference. This was sufficient time and the content was organized and presented clearly, with all features covered. The instructor displayed a good knowledge of the product and all questions were addressed and answered appropriately. User guides and manuals were also provided which was very handy. We all feel confident in using CANTAB Connect Research independently following the training session and any subsequent follow up issues have been resolved very quickly.

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Taha Bhatti

Project Coordinator, TwinsUK

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